Mar 27, 2020




 Indiana has set the gasoline use tax rate for the period April 1 – April 30, 2020 at $0.118 per gallon. The rate is adjusted monthly.


 Massachusetts has announced tax rates for 2Q 2020. There are changes to the rates for Liquefied Petroleum Gases, Aviation Gasoline and Jet Fuel.

Fuel Type

Tax Rate

Gasoline $0.24 per gallon
Diesel $0.24 per gallon
Aviation Gasoline $0.279 per gallon
LPG and Propane $0.136 per gallon
Jet Fuel $0.106 per gallon



 Effective April 1, 2020 Michigan’s prepaid sales tax on gasoline will be $0.122 per gallon and the prepaid sales tax on diesel will be $0.149 per gallon. These rates are adjusted monthly and typically announced at the beginning of the prior month.


 New Jersey has set the petroleum products gross receipts tax for the second quarter of 2020 at $0.309 per gallon for gasoline and LPG, $0.35 per gallon for diesel, $0.124 per gallon for fuel oil, $0.04 per gallon for aviation fuel and 7% of gross receipts for all other products.

* This list contains key State updates taking effect in April 2020. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Please confirm all tax rates and license and reporting requirements with the particular State or your tax consultants.


The Ohio Department of Taxation has issued the average wholesale price of fuel to be used when determining the gross receipts of a supplier subject to the petroleum activity tax (“PAT”) for the period April 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020. The average wholesale prices are $1.670 per gallon for gasoline, $1.975 per gallon for diesel and $0.609 per gallon for propane. With the PAT rate set at $0.0065, this makes the PAT for the second quarter of 2019 $0.010855 per gallon for gasoline, $0.0128375 per gallon for diesel and $0.0039585 per gallon for propane.


 Vermont has set the Motor Fuel Transportation Infrastructure Assessment (MFTIA) for the first quarter 2020 at $0.0423 per gallon and the Gasoline and Motor Fuel Tax Assessment (MFTA) for the third quarter at $0.134 per gallon.