TASG performs a host of top quality technology services and understands “data flow.” We take the angst out of your reporting responsibility. The best part; we typically do it at an unbeatable full time equivalent (FTE) rate.

Once a client learns about the ease and affordability of TASG services they pass the torch, move out of the way, and let us do what we do best. Our data virtuosos oversee the preparation of thousands of returns each month and provide the following services to reboot ….

  • Implement tax software and process improvements
  • Integrate tax technologies
  • Automate tax compliance
  • Review tax systems and measure gap analysis performance
  • Prepare tax compliance workflow and dashboards
  • Manage projects

Another great TASG benefit is that we are well versed in most indirect tax platforms and technologies. We don’t offer or recommend systems, we work with what you have and make it better. It’s like riding a bicycle – you never forget and it doesn’t matter the make or model.

Give us a call. We love to talk data and potential solutions.