Retroactive Biodiesel/Alternative Fuel Claim Status

Apr 02, 2020

TASG has received numerous calls regarding the retroactive claims asking if we know if there were any processing delays for these refunds. We contacted the IRS and learned that IRS personnel are processing claims and issuing refunds. If you haven’t received a refund let’s remember that the IRS has 60 days from receipt of a claim to pay it before interest is applied to the claim amount. Since the IRS only began accepting claims on February 14, 2020, they have until April 14, 2020 at a minimum to pay a claim before interest starts. So be patient as the processing window is still open and they are working.

Below is a summary of the key IRS points:

  • IRS personnel are processing retroactive claims and issuing refunds – status could change due to COVID-19.
  • Phone lines are currently down so IRS claim status inquiries are not available.
  • Potential delay reasons:
    • Claims referred to field for exam – letter will be issued indicating the transfer.
    • IRS could pay a little late with interest.
    • Claim returned to claimant for additional information.
    • All correspondences may be delayed due to COVID-19

In conclusion, the good news is that IRS staff are working diligently. The bad news the status could understandably change and that patience is required. We know it is tough out there so hang in there. Best wishes to everyone.