Quyen is a Senior Tax Consultant at Tax Advisory Services Group, LLC.   Quyen’s focus is in the area of Federal and State motor fuel tax compliance.

Quyen has experience in analyzing, reconciling, and process of motor fuel excise tax returns, payments, refunds, and general ledger account activities.  Quyen understands the complexity of fuel transactions, reports, and activities to collect, remit and report taxes and fees to the appropriate tax authorities.  Quyen is aware of the need to monitor tax rate and law changes related to the motor fuel industry.

Aside from compliance projects, Quyen has also been immersed in ongoing licenses and exemption certificates management projects and assisted with several motor fuel tax audits.  Quyen also has experience in customer tax setup using various tax applications and reviewing invoices to verify taxes and communicate discrepancies and concerns directly with vendors.

Quyen received a Bachelor of Science in Consumer Science and Merchandise and Supply Chain Management degree from University of Houston.