Texas Crude Oil & Natural Gas Electronic Tax Filing Software and Petro Imports

Mar 19, 2019

Texas EDI News, March 2019

New Crude Oil & Natural Gas Electronic Tax Filing Software

Effective April 28, 2019, we will release a new version of the Texas Comptroller’s filing software that allows you to enter crude oil producer and purchaser reports for crude oil leases claiming multiple oil exemptions on the same lease.

New Petro Import and Preload Templates
The new software download will include updates to the import and preload templates for taxpayers who elect to use them. The new templates will be used for both crude oil and natural gas severance tax filers even though only crude oil taxpayers will have new capabilities. Our software installer program automatically saves the templates to C:\ProgramData\TexasCPA\Petro50.

Third-party or Proprietary Software
If you create or use third-party or proprietary software to create the EDI files, please review the new EDI maps. When you are ready to test your EDI files, please email them to us.
More Information

For EDI questions, please email us or call 800-442-3453.

For Crude Oil or Natural Gas tax questions, you can also email us or call 800-531-5441, ext. 3-4455.